《Draw a picture with these figures》

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      THello,boys and girls Glad to meet you !How are you ?


      1、 Ok!Now !There are same figures on the blackboard !Do you know whars

      this ?

      2、 Ok !You are very good ! Now ,please look at here !Whats this ? (Ita

      an apple! )Yes!it’s an apple !I can draw an apple with circle ,yes?Ok!Next

      one !What’s this ?(It’s a house !)Yes,I can draw a house with trangle and


      3、 Ok!Now ,What can you draw with these figures?Who can tell me ?

      4、 Please take out you paper ,draw it on the paper in two minuts !


      1、 Boys and girls ,please look at the blackboard !I draw a sun !I use

      semicircle !Can you tell me what can you draw ?

      2、 We can draw a picture with one figure !And we can draw a picture with

      many figures!Do you understan?


      Please look at the blackboard .There is a picture at here.Which figures

      can you see in the picture ?


      Ok !Now ,let’s have a match ! Draw a picture in 20 minutes.Let me see

      which picture is beautifull,ok ?

      Now, first please talk about with you partner,what can you draw with these


      Are you ready?Ok !Twenty minutes,draw a picture on the small

      blackboard!Let’s go !


      七、Times up 谁来评一评?


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